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Melisa Jewelry Company was founded by Huseyin Gümüş in the Grand Bazaar in 2000. It has been continuing its corporate action in Germany under the name of MELISA GOLD GMBH since 2005. It has the strongest fund and investment in all of Europe, especially in Germany and the Netherlands, and is ranked at the top of the golden wholesale with its expert team and regular service. Including 22-carat 21-carat 18-carat and 14-carat orders, as well as burma jewelry and wedding rings, we make ready for sell products and orders of the entire store and export them regularly every week and deliver them to you.

Our company has two headquarters in golden wholesale, one retail sales centre in Cologne, Ehrenfeld and one golden production factory in Kuyumcukent. In addition to golden wholesale, our company also sells diamond and wedding ring brands in Europe.

MGA Wedding Rings in Your Most Precious Moments

As MGA Wedding Rings, our factory is located in Kuyumcukent, Istanbul.

We are producing new models with up-to-date technological machines by following the innovations. In the Gold Wedding Ring category, we have various product categories such as Classic Wedding Ring Models, Handmade Wedding Ring Models, Braided Wedding Ring Models, Diamond Wedding Ring Models, Design Wedding Ring Models, Silver Wedding Ring Models, and Platinum Wedding Ring Models. We work with mines in 14-18-22 carat sand produce the wedding ring model that you want with or without colour – stone according to your taste.

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